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What have Elate & Co. been up to? (Market Edition)

Clara Olsen

Well to answer your question... we have combined a category list of the things we have been up to/completed since March.

First category; Markets.

1) Original Market Leiden (27th of March)

We packed up all of our candles and miscellaneous items for our stall and drove to Leiden for our market debut.

The market was held around the traditional Volkenkunde building on the Museumtuin, which made it very interesting to walk around and look at the the other stalls to see what was on offer for the market-goers.

Although it was in a lovely location, it was a very long, cold and windy day in Leiden.

However we persevered and kept our good spirits up. Our first market became a very good learning experience and we decided to put more work into our next market to make it even better.

2) Flagship Market Den Haag (17th of April)

For this market we were definitely more prepared and decided make our stall more eye-catching and we really wanted to make sure that customers could understand what we were selling.

So we bought two metal grids at Poush to hang up on the sides of our stall and we covered it in key-words that applied to our products such as 'Handmade', 'Eco-friendly', 'Raapseed-wax' etc. Alongside some pictures of our products.

We also made bunting to hang over our stall which said ELATE & CO. and brought some small pots with Ivy and glass vases with some rapeseed flowers. It made all the difference.

The customers were all very lovely and the atmosphere of the market was very lively.

In conclusion, it was a very successful market.

3) Swan Market Den Haag (1st of May)

There was more buzz around this market as it was in the centre of The Hague, on Kerkplien which is historically known for its markets. All of the stalls shared a creative vision and the same sort of aesthetic which really made it all tie to together to create a consistent theme.

We brought the same setup as our previous market along with some new products which were our Mother's Day themed candles and our reed stick room diffusers.  

Our products received a positive response and curiosity around the materials used in our candles.

Another successful market!

Our next market will be on next Tuesday (16th of May) at the Home Made Pinkster Market on Lange Voorhout in Den Haag.

Hope you enjoyed our first 'What have Elate & Co. been up to?'.

Next blog post will be about the new shops that are/we will be selling our products in.


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